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Colonel (Ret.) Ann Wright
Schedule of Appearances


Monday, Jan 20, 2014

Mon Jan 20 - Wed Jan 22: 10 a.m. - Attend International Women Lead to Peace Summit-Syrian Peace Conference
Montreux, Switzerland
As we call for a cease-fire, humanitarian aid in Syria and an active participation of women during the peace talks, we are mobilizing all peace-lovers and organizing three days of constructive events and beautiful trouble in Geneva and Montreux. The Peace Summit will be held at the Graduate Institute Maison de la Paix on January 20 and 21. It is located Chemin Eugene Rigot, close the United Nations' building. The Peace Summit will be broadcasted live at the following link. January 20 Gathering of the Women (Geneva) 12:30 to 14:00 Lunch at the Graduate Institute Cafeteria 14:00 to 17:00 Creating the Summit: Participants share their ideas, learning about each other and ways of peace. Final planning for the 22nd day of action 18:30 to 20:30 Peace Film Festival at the Maison des Associations (15 rue des Savoises, 1205 Geneva) 18:30: "Beyond Right and Wrong" By Lekha Singh 20:00: "Suffering Grasses" by Iara Lee 21:00: "Pray the Devil Back to Hell"by Gini Reticker January 21 Women Lead to Peace Summit (Geneva) From Liberia to the Balkans, to Colombia and Sri Lanka as well as Northern Ireland, and of course, Syria. Nobel Laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire and the renowned academic, and writer on gender and militarism, Cynthia Enloe, will attend. 10:00 to 11:15 From war to a treaty and holding on to peace 11:30 to 12:45 The realities of war: experiences of conflict and its gendered assumptions. 13:30 to 15:00 The participation of women in Geneva II peace talks and beyond: Modalities of how to break the confrontational narrative. January 22 Women at the Table (Montreux) A bus will take participants from Geneva to Montreux at 7:00. The meeting point is behind the Gare Cornavin (Geneva's main train station), in rue de Montbrillant. It will also take people back to Geneva around 17:00 that same day. Street theater Banner drop Demonstration outside of the official negotiations Speakers will include: Speakers at the public events will include Caroline Ayoub and a dozen Syrian women, Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire, Luisa Morgantini, Luz Mendez, Visaka Dharmadasa, Chaba Siny, Ann Patterson, Ma Annie, Cigdem Yorgancioglu, Ann Wright as well as women from Bosnia, Egypt, Iran, Ireland, Liberia, Rwanda and Tunisia. - See more at: http://www.codepinkalert.org/article.php?id=6551#sthash.NTXZkArx.dpuf

Friday, Jan 31, 2014

7:30 a.m. - Speak on US Foreign Policies to two high school classes
Iolani High School, Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Peter Greenhill

Monday, Feb 10, 2014

6 p.m. - Speak on US militarism in Asia & the Pacific at a Graduate class in Diplomacy & the Military Masters program
Hawaii Pacific University, 1188 Fort Street, Room 319, Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Dr. Carlos Juarez

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

2 p.m. - Interview on TV show "Global Connections" for ThinkTech Hawaii series
Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Dr. Carlos Juarez

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014

7 p.m. - Attend Launch of new International Whistleblower's group "Courage"
London, England
Contact Annie Machon

Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014

7 p.m. - Attend Award Ceremony for Private Chelsea Manning the Sam Adams Award for Truthtelling
Oxford University Union Debating Hall, Oxford, England

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014

8:30 p.m. - Attend Oxford Union Debate "Is Edwarden Snowden a Hero?" with Bill Binney, Chris Hedges, Annie Machon
Oxford Union, Oxford University, UK
PROPOSITION: This House Would call Edward Snowden a hero PRO: Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent for The New York Times. Won Hedges v. Obama case on indefinite detention without trial. William Binney Former senior NSA official. Resigned in 2001 after almost 40 years at the agency to blow the whistle on internet surveillance programmes. Annie Machon Former Intelligence Officer who revealed corruption in MI5 and MI6, blowing the whistle on illegal phone tapping. Forced to go into hiding. Chris Huhne Former Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change and Liberal Democrat MP. Current Guardian contributor and sustainable energy consultant. OPPOSITION: Jeffrey Toobin American lawyer and commentator for The New Yorker. Described Snowden as "a grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison". Philip J Crowley Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. Resigned over treatment of Chelsea Manning by US Department of Defense. Hazel Blears MP for Salford and Eccles. Served under Blair as Minister of State at the Home Office, responsible for crime reduction and counter-terrorism. Stewart Baker First Assistant Secretary for Policy at the US Department of Homeland Security under President George W Bush. Former General Counsel of the NSA.

Saturday, Feb 22, 2014

1 p.m. - Speak on Pacifism and militarism in Northeast Asia
Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin Street at Geary San Francisco, CA 94109
Contact Martha Hubert

Sunday, Feb 23, 2014

10 a.m. - Interview on Talk Nation Radio on Whistleblowing-Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange & Gaza's Ark with David Swanson
Contact David Swanson

1 p.m. - Interview on Syrian women and the peace table & Gaza's Ark "The Struggle"
Contact Stan Heller
http://thestruggle.podbean.com/2014/02/23/womens-demands-for-syria-a-talk-with-ann-wright http://youtu.be/biP8dx-LnPE

Monday, Feb 24, 2014

8 a.m. - Interview on KPFA radio Berkeley, California with Mitch Jeserich
Mitch Jeserich Letters & Politics, Pacifica Radio (510) 848-6767 Ext. 226 www.kpfa.org

12:30 p.m. - Speak at Rocklin Campus, Sierra College
in the Sacramento, California area
Contact Maggie Coulter

3 p.m. - Monthly Drone Protest
Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, California
Contact Toby Blome

5 p.m. - Radio interview on Flashpoint, KPFA, Dennis Bernstein
Berkeley, California
Contact Dennis Bernstein

5:30 p.m. - Potluck & Informal "Teach-In" on Jeju Island resistance, Drones in the Pacific for activists at Camp Gathering
Marysville, California
Contact Toby Blome

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014

6 a.m. - Drone Protest at Beale Air Force Base
Marysville, California
Contact Toby Blome

12 p.m. - Speak on Drones at Lunch Speaker's Series
Yuba City College, Room 716, Math & Science Bldg, 2088 North Beale Road, Marysville, CA 95901
Contact Martha Hubert

2:30 p.m. - Speak at Eating Well Cafe
1908 North Beale, Road, Marysville, CA
Contact Martha Hubert

6 p.m. - Community Talk on Effects of US Drone program
Brick House Cafe, Marysville, California
Contact Toby Blome

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014

9 a.m. - Speak at 2 classes at Grass Valley High School
Grass Valley, California
Contact Pamela Osgood

7 p.m. - Public Talk on Drones at Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
246 South Church Street, Grass Valley, California
Contact Pamela Osgood

Thursday, Feb 27, 2014

12 p.m. - Speak at Sacramento City College classses
Sacramento, California
Contact Maggie Coulter

7 p.m. - Latest developments in Gaza
First United Methodist Church , 2100 J St , Sacramento, California
Contact Maggie Coulter
Hosted by Friends of Sabeel Sacramento Region (FOSSR),

Saturday, Mar 1, 2014

1 p.m. - Speak at the Metta Center for Nonvilence
Petaluma, California
Contact Michael Nagler

7 p.m. - Speak on the US Pivot to Asia & the Pacific
Newman Auditorium, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California
Contact Susan Lamont
Sponsored by Sonoma Peace and Justice

Sunday, Mar 2, 2014

12 p.m. - Interview on KPFA Pacifica Radio Women's Magazine with Jackie
Contact Martha Hubert

2 p.m. - Speak at the Berkeley Fellowship Unitarian Universalist Church
1924 Cedar St, Berkeley, California
Contact Cynthia Papermaster

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

Wed Mar 5 - Wed Mar 12: 8 a.m. - Participate in Soldiarity with Women of Gaza on International Womens Day
Gaza City, Gaza
Answering a call from the women of Gaza, CODEPINK is forming a US delegation of 15 women who will join with a larger international womens group traveling to Gaza for International Womens Day. The purpose of the delegation is show solidarity with the women of Gaza, to bring attention to the unbearable suffering caused by the Israeli blockade, to educate people back in our home countries, to push for opening the Gaza borders and to bring solar lamps to help with the electricity shortage. We will meet in Cairo on March 5. We will attempt to enter Gaza on March 6 and return from Gaza on March 13, 2014. Due to the political and security issues in Egypt, there are no guarantees that we will be able to get into Gaza. If we get to Gaza, we will spend our time meeting with women's groups, human rights leaders, fisherfolk, farmers, UN representatives, youth activists and journalists. If we do not get into Gaza, we will make your time in Cairo very worthwhile. http://www.gazasolidarity.com/

Saturday, Mar 15, 2014

3 p.m. - Speak on Military Sex Trafficking at the conference sponsored by the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders and the International Institute on Peace Education
Conference on the Status of Women (CSW), Fordham University, New York City, New York
Contact Betty Reardon

Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014

4 p.m. - Speak at University of Houston, Agnes Arnold Hall rm 201
Houston, Texas
Contact Bob Buzzanco

Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

7 p.m. - On panel for Women's History Month
Northern Illionois University,
Contact Dan Kenney
DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice

Friday, Mar 21, 2014

5 p.m. - Speak at the Plenary session "Middle East Turmoil and the Policy of Intervention" at theCalifornia Sabeel Conference
Christ the King Catholic Church, Pleasant Hill, California
Contact Hassan Fouda
Friends of Sabeel-North America - www.fosna.org

Saturday, Mar 22, 2014

11:45 a.m. - Speak at a workshop on Gaza "The Plight of Gaza: What Can Be Done?" at the California Sabeel Conference
Christ the King Catholic Church, Pleasant Hill, California
Contact Hassan Fouda
Workshop repeats at 1:25pm

Saturday, Mar 29, 2014

Sat Mar 29 - Sat Apr 12: Participant in the Veterans for Peace trip to Vietnam
Contact Nadya Williams
The Hoa Binh Chapter of Veterans For Peace is well-known & respected in Viet Nam. This will be the third annual tour. : Tour dates in Viet Nam are Saturday, March 29 to Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 14 Nights, TOUR COORDINATORS & LEADERS in VIET NAM: Suel Jones - Marine Viet Nam War combat vet, 1968-69; lives in VN half of each year since 1998; volunteers in Da Nang with Viet Namese victims of Agent Orange (AO), of whom there are 3 to 4 million nationwide today. President of VFP Chapter 160. Chuck Searcy - Army VN vet enlisted, military intelligence analyst 1966-69; lives in Ha Noi full time since 1995; International Advisor for ProjectRENEW, which clears landmines & unexploded ordinance. Vice President of Chapter 160. Chuck Palazzo - Marine VN combat vet, 1st and 3rd Force Reconnaissance 1970-71; lives full-time in Da Nang since 2008, volunteers with AO victims. Secretary-Treasurer of Ch. 160. TOUR COORDINATOR in the US: Nadya Williams - Associate Member since 2003 & Director of Communications for VFP San Francisco Chapter 69. Lived in Viet Nam for 3 months in early 2008. SEE WEBS: http://vfp-vn.ning.com/ & http://vfpsf.wordpress.com/voices-of-veterans FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Nadya Williams, Veterans for Peace Spring Tour Coordinator in San Francisco. E-mail: nadyanomad@gmail.com Tele: Home: (415) 362-0162; Cell: (415) 845-9492 __ Nadya Connolly Williams E-mail: nadyanomad@gmail.com 1436 Grant Avenue, Apt. 10 San Francisco, California 94133, USA Tele: Home: (415) 362-0162 Mobile: (415) 845-9492 Affiliated with < Veterans For Peace, www.veteransforpeace.org < San Francisco Chapter 69, of VFP, Director of Communications www.vsasf.org < Viet Nam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign www.vn-agentorange.org < Coordinator of the annual Veterans For Peace Spring tour to Viet Nam, led by the Hoa Binh (Peace), Chapter 160 of VFP in Viet Nam

Monday, Apr 14, 2014

3 p.m. - Speak College of Social Work, University of Utah, Social Work Building Room 155
Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Safi Safiullah

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

12 p.m. - Speak on "Pursuing Peace: Healing 9/11" Hetzel-Hoellein room, Stewart Library, Weber State University
Ogden, Utah
Contact Nancy Haanstad
www.humanrights.utah.edu "Healing 9/11" - where the U.S government response to 9/11 has caused unjust damage - end the congressional Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed in September 2001 which was used to authorize the invasion of Iraq and is still being used to authorize drone strikes in several countries as well as U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan government accountability for rendition and torture; close Guantanamo protect Constitutional rights, end NSA surveillance-state practices, repeal the PATRIOT Act

6 p.m. - Dinner with Veterans for Peace
Cafe Trang, 200 South 300th, Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Aaron Davis

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

10:45 a.m. - Speak on "The US in Vietnam: From War to Peace" at Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah,
Orson Spencer Hall 255, 260 S. Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Deb Sawyer

6 p.m. - Speak at Peace Prayer Group on Y12 Nuclear Trespassers
Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Dayne Goodwin

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014

10 a.m. - Speak on "Pursuing Peace: Healing 9/11" Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus, 4600 Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Deb Sawyer

7 p.m. - Speak on "Working for Justice for the Palestinians" at Salt Lake City Main Library Auditorium,
210 E 400 East, Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Safi S. M. Safiullah

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014

Tue Apr 22 - Wed Apr 30: Speak on militarism in Costa Rica
Contact Nicole Sault

Thursday, Apr 24, 2014

6 p.m. - Building a Global Movement against Militarization - speaking with Medea Benjamin
National University, UNA Heredia, Social Sciences Auditorium, San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact Nicole Sault
Center of Friends of Peace, San Jose, Costa Rica

Friday, Apr 25, 2014

8:30 a.m. - Press Conference - Center of Friends for Peace, CAP
Calle 15, Between Ave 6 and 8, San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact Nicole Sault

2 p.m. - The Humanitarian Aid Flotilla to Gaza (Mavi-Marmara)
TinJo Asian Restaurant, Calle 11, between Ave 6 and 8, San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact Nicole Sault
hosted by The Committee in Solidarity with Palestine, CSP,

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014

5 p.m. - Building a Global Movement against Militarization - speaking with Medea Benjamin
U of Costa Rica, San Pedro, School of Letters Auditorium,
Contact Nicole Sault

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fri May 2 - Sun May 4: 7 p.m. - Speak at Veterans for Peace Regional conference
Sonoma, California
Contact Ted Sexauer

Sunday, May 4, 2014

9:30 a.m. - Speak at Press conference for the launch of ExposeFacts
National press Club, Washington, DC
Contact Hollie Ainbinder
Www.exposefacts.org http://www.accuracy.org/release/beyond-snowden-new-group-to-clear-a-path-for-more-whistleblowers/

Thursday, May 8, 2014

6 p.m. - Speak on "The Golden Rule" anti-nuke protest boat at Maui Peace Action
University of Hawaii, Maui College, Ka Lama Room 103
Contact Mele Stokesbury
Sponsored by the Maui College Peace Club and Maui Peace Action

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mon May 12 - Fri May 16: Attend & Speak on the anti-nuke ship "The Golden Rule" at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage
University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 a.m. - My Presentation on the anti-nuke boat "The Golden Rule" at the Asia-Pacific Underwater Archeology Conference
University of Hawaii, Manoa campus, Reefcrest Room 307, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sunday, May 18, 2014

11 a.m. - Speak at Honolulu Friends on 1957 anti-nuke boat "The Golden Rule" and 2014 Veterans for Peace trip to Vietnam
2426 O'ahu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96822-1967
Contact Sandy Yee
Phone: (808) 988-2714 Email: quakers@hawaiiquaker.org

3 p.m. - Speak on Veterans for Peace trip to Vietnam and Agent Orange at Revolution Books
Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Carolyn Hadfield

Monday, May 26, 2014

9 a.m. - Speak at Memorial Day Peace Prayer Breakfast at Honolulu Friends on 2014 Veterans for Peace trip to Vietnam
2426 Oahu Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Renie Lindley
CONTACT: Renie Lindley, 783-7577,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 a.m. - Speak at Press Conference Concerning Exxon-Mobil Shareholders Meeting
Dallas, Texas
Contact Leslie Harris

Friday, May 30, 2014

9 a.m. - Attend Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Regional Meeting
UU Church, Dallas, Texas
Contact Leslie Harris

6 p.m. - Speak at fundraiser "Healing the Wounds of War" for Under the Hood GI Coffee House
First Unitarian Church of Dallas, 4015 Normandy Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205
Contact Malachi Muncy

Saturday, May 31, 2014

9 a.m. - Attend Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Regional Meeting
First Unitarian Church of Dallas 4015 Normandy Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205
Contact Leslie Harris

Thursday, Jun 5, 2014

10 p.m. - Attend conference for the release of the Cuban Five
Calvary Baptist Church, 755 Eighth Strret, Washingtom

Friday, Jun 6, 2014

9:30 a.m. - Speak at R inborn Cutting ceremony for metro campaign for Expose facts
Metro bus stop at 23rd and Constitution, Washington, DC
Contact Hollie Ainbinder

Wednesday, Jun 11, 2014

2 p.m. - Speak at Press Conference in Support of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl & his Family
National Press Club, Washington, DC

Thursday, Jun 12, 2014

Thu Jun 12 - Sun Jun 15: Speak on Women and the Military from a Feminist Perspective
New Action for Women's Rights Forum, Malmo, Sweden
Contact Gunnel Bemerfeldt

Saturday, Jun 14, 2014

2 p.m. - My Seminar at Women's Forum
Malmo, Sweden

Monday, Jul 7, 2014

Radio Interview with Earthwise, New Zealand radio
Lois & Martin Griffiths

Sunday, Jul 20, 2014

5 p.m. - Speak on panel "Women's Voices for Peace and Justice in the Middle East"
Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press, 1940 Calvert St, NW, Washington, DC
Contact Noa Shusterman Email: mediademocracywifp@gmail.com Phone: 202-656-0893

Monday, Jul 21, 2014

1 p.m. - Deliver letter about Israeli attack on Gaza to Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC
3514 International Dr. N.W., Washington DC 20008
Contact Tarak Kauff

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

6 p.m. - CODEPINK conference & Reunion
Ashville, NC
Contact Alli Mccracken

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014

Veterans for Peace Annual National Convention
Asheville, North Carolina

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014

6 p.m. - Speak on Gaza
Corvallis, Oregon
Contact Leah Bolger
Sponsored by Veterans for Peace (VFP) and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILFP)

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2014

6 p.m. - Speak at Hiroshima Day titled Old and New Faces of Nuclear Weapons
Japanese American Historical Plaza at Waterfront Park (NW Naito Parkway and Couch Street in downtown Portland, Oregon
Contact Sean Tinney

Thursday, Aug 7, 2014

6:30 p.m. - Speak on program of Drone Futures from Local to Global: Where Are We Headed?
First Unitarian Church, Eliot Chapel, SW 12th and Salmon St. Portland OR.
Contact Trudy Cooper

Friday, Aug 8, 2014

Fri Aug 8 - Sat Aug 9: 10 p.m. - Speak at CODEPINK: Women for Peace Camp in Sonoma, California
Ocean Song, Sonoma County, California
Contact Nancy Mancias
CODEPINK Peace Camp weekend of story telling, skill sharing, camping, singing and barn dancing under the stars at the beautiful and breathtaking Ocean Song in Sonoma County! Speakers include Alice Walker, Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, Ann Wright and special guests. https://codepink.salsalabs.com/o/424/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=7500

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014

Tue Aug 12 - Wed Aug 20: CODEPINK Human Rights trip to Uruguay
Marin Interfaith Task Force

Friday, Aug 29, 2014

Fri Aug 29 - Sun Aug 31: Interview & Report on "The Elders Visit Hawaii
Pillars of Peace, Honolulu, Hawaii
Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu, former Norweigian Prime Minister Gro Bruntland and Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer Hina Jilani http://pillarsofpeace.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/practicing-peace/14---practicing-peace---the-elders

Monday, Sep 1, 2014

9:30 a.m. - Attend House Homeland Security Committee Hearing: Worldwide Threats to the Homeland, with Witnesses Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, FBI Director James Comey and Matthew Olsen, Director of National Counterterrorism Center
Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC

Saturday, Sep 13, 2014

12 p.m. - Speak at public forum for The Cuban Five prisoners
Washington, DC
Contact Alicia Jrapko

Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

10 a.m. - Speak out and escorted out of US Senate's Congressional Hearing on Funding to Syrian Rebels and ISIS
US Senate, Washington, DC

Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014

10 a.m. - Attend House Homeland Security Committee Hearing: Worldwide Threats to the Homeland, with Witnesses Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, FBI Director James Comey and Matthew Olsen, Director of National Counterterrorism Center
Cannon Building, Room 311, Washington, DC

2:30 p.m. - Attend Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing: US Strategy to Defeat ISIL, with Witness John Kerry
US Senate Dirksen Building, Room 419, Washington, DC

Thursday, Sep 18, 2014

11:15 a.m. - Attend House of Representatives Armed Services Committee with Witness Secretary Hagel
2118 Rayburn House Building, Washington, DC

Friday, Sep 19, 2014

10 a.m. - Events for Climate March
New York City, NY

Saturday, Sep 20, 2014

10 a.m. - Events for Peoples Climate March
New York City, NY

Sunday, Sep 21, 2014

10 a.m. - People's Climate March
New York City, NY

Thursday, Sep 25, 2014

11:30 a.m. - Speak at American University's Human Rights Week on "Legality and Morality of Targeted Drones Strikes"
Abramson Family Founders Room, SIS Building 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016
Contact EPGA Coordinator Lauren Reese
Sponsored by American University's Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs Program https://www.facebook.com/events/279050592295952/

Saturday, Sep 27, 2014

5:30 p.m. - Accept on behalf of CODEPINK: Women for Peace the "Community of the Year" Award
Council on American Islamic Relations, 20th annual banquet at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va
Contact CAIR events

Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014

12 p.m. - Attend a Commemoration for the Life of Afghanistan Veteran Jacob George
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Thursday, Oct 2, 2014

6 p.m. - Speak at 10th Anniversary of Iraq Veterans Against the War
Judson Memorial Church, New York City

Friday, Oct 3, 2014

12 p.m. - Attend 50th High School Reunion
Bentonville, Arkansas

Sunday, Oct 5, 2014

11 a.m. - Attend Commemoration of Life for Afghanistan Veteran Against the War Jacob George
Fayetteville, Arkansas
http://www.democracynow.org/2014/9/29/soldiers_heart_remembering_jacob_george_afghan https://www.facebook.com/jacob.d.george.1?fref=ts

Monday, Oct 6, 2014

3 p.m. - Speak at Graduate class on Status of Democracies in the Middle East
King Saud School of Middle East Studies , University of Fayetteville Arkansas
Prof Ghadin

3 p.m. - Speak at Graduate class on Challenges of Democratization in the Middle East
King Saud School of Middle East Studies , University of Fayetteville Arkansas
Prof Ghadbian

12 p.m. - "Drones: Legal and Ethical Issues at Home and Abroad"
University of Arkansas Law School, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Contact Alison Carter
Sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild chapter at the University of Arkansas

7 p.m. - Speak on ISIS, Syria and Iraq
Giffels Auditorium, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Contact Dick Bennett
Sponsored by OMNI Peace Center omniceter.org and the Student chapter of the National Lawyers Guild of the University of Arkansas

Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014

Wed Oct 8 - Sun Oct 12: Participate in Weekend of Resistance "Stop Police Brutality"
Ferguson, Missouri

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

Wed Oct 22 - Thu Oct 30: Events in Europe?

Monday, Oct 27, 2014

3 p.m. - Speak on Situation in Ferguson, Missouri and Police Brutality around the U.S.
Revolution Books, Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Carolyn Hadfield

Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

1:30 p.m. - Speak to Cultural & Political Geography course
Art Auditorium, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact Kyle Kajihiro

Saturday, Nov 1, 2014

10 a.m. - Palestinian Solidarity event in Paris, France
Contact Olivia Zamor

Saturday, Nov 8, 2014

9 a.m. - Speak at the Massachusetts Peace Action Conference "Re-Thinking U.S. Foreign Policy for the 21st Century"
"War in the 21st Century: Drones, Space Weapons and Cyber Wars" MIT Room 34-101 50 Vassar St Cambridge, 02139
Contact: Massachusetts Peace Action

Sunday, Nov 9, 2014

Sun Nov 9 - Thu Nov 13: 9 p.m. - Speak at "Stop Assassin Drones" event
Creech Drone Base, Nevada
Contact Toby Blome

Monday, Nov 10, 2014

Iraq Vet Tomas Young Died after 10 years of paralysis

Friday, Nov 14, 2014

Fri Nov 14 - Sat Nov 15: 9 a.m. - Speak at University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst on "How to Persuade Influential Parties to Pursue Alternatives to Violence in International Conflict."
Amherst, Massachusetts
Contact Dr. Linda Troop

Sunday, Nov 16, 2014

3 p.m. - Speak in Northhampton, Mass
Contact Paki Wieland

Thursday, Nov 20, 2014

Thu Nov 20 - Sun Nov 23: 9 a.m. - Attend School of the Americas protest
Fort Benning, Georgia/ Columbus, Georgia

Thursday, Dec 4, 2014

7 p.m. - Postponed-Speak on the anniversary of Nelson Mandela's passing on Israeli Apartheid, Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions & the Israeli attack on the Gaza Flotilla for the Progressive Students of the University of Milwakee
UWM Student Union, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Contact Jacob Flom

Tuesday, Dec 9, 2014

Tue Dec 9 - Wed Dec 10: Attend Mothers Against Police Brutality Conference
Sponsored by CODEPINK:Women for Peace, Washington, DC
Contact Alli McCracken

6 p.m. - Community Event to Challenge Assassin Drones
Kansas City, Missouri
Contact Kathy Kelly

Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014

9 a.m. - Federal Trial of Kathy Kelly and Georgia for challenging US assassin drones
Federal Court, Jefferson City, Missouri
Contact Kathy Kelly

Monday, Dec 29, 2014

10:30 a.m. - Speak at graduate class on "Global Governance" at Hawaii Pacific University
MP-bldg, room 319, 1188 Fort Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dr. Carlos Juarez

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