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Voices of Dissent

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DISSENT: Voices of Conscience


Authors: Col. (ret.) Ann Wright and Susan Dixon
Foreword by Daniel Ellsberg

ISBN: 978-097733384-4
Price: $17.95
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Ann Wright on her flotilla experience
Interview with Grit TV


Dissent in a Democracy by Ann Wright and Susan Dixon

“When the actions of government become dangerous to the security of the nation, it takes a special courage for men and women inside the government to speak out. If we care about keeping democracy alive, we must welcome this book. "
—Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the U.S.

During the run-up to war in Iraq, Army Colonel (Ret.) and diplomat Ann Wright resigned her State Department post. She was one among dozens of government insiders and active-duty military personnel who leaked documents, spoke out, resigned, or refused to deploy in protest of government actions they felt were illegal. In Dissent: Voices of Conscience, Ann Wright and Susan Dixon tell the stories of these men and women, who risked careers, reputations, and even freedom out of loyalty to the Constitution and the rule of law.

"This … illuminating and remarkably impressive … book should be leaked into the government. … This book could awaken … officials to withdraw their complicity and … tell the truth to [the public]. This country will not escape further human, legal, and moral catastrophes, or preserve itself as a democratic, constitutional republic, if that does not happen.  If you're at all like me, you will have a whole set of new heroes when you finish reading this.Dissent: Voices of Conscience could change your life."   — from the Foreword, by Daniel Ellsberg

Photo of Ann Wright

"Voices of conscience are usually smothered in spin. That the stories of these heroes are recorded here gives me great hope and shows that it is still possible to do the right thing."
—Ray McGovern, Retired CIA Analyst and Presidential Briefer for George H. W. Bush

"As a soldier and a diplomat, Ann Wright always placed her country, its direction, and its welfare at the top of her priority list. She is, without question, one of the most honest and ethical individuals I have been privileged to know. I salute Ann Wright and the powerful voices of truth heard in Dissent. "
—Brigadier General (Ret.) Pat Foote, Former Commanding General, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Ann Wright is not one to be silenced. —Ms. Magazine

"Ann Wright is an American hero. She has shown immense bravery and resolve in her quest for peace. For her energy and commitment to peace, justice, and strengthening democratic principles, Ann Wright has earned the first annual Truthout Freedom and Democracy Award.
– Victoria Harper, truthout.org

"Truthout has traveled the country covering the anti-war movement, and wherever we go, Ann Wright is there providing steady leadership. We recently announced that Ann was one of three recipients of our first annual Freedom and Democracy Award. I'm sure I will see her soon. Wherever there is an important event calling for peace, Ann Wright will be there, leading by example."
—Scott Galindez, truthout.org

Dissent: Voices of Conscience published in Japan
Dissent: Voices of Conscience in Japanese
Published by CODEPINK Osaka Chapter
To order copies, please contact Hisae
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Ann Wright receives peace seeker award
Ann Wright accepts Montana Peace Seeker Award.
[Statue of Jeannette Rankin in background]